Anthony Edwards dazzles in his playoff debut, helping Minnesota steal home-court advantage from Memphis in Game 1

Five takeaways from the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 130-117 victory over the Grizzlies Saturday at FedEx Forum in Game 1 of their first-round Western Conference playoff series

There were a couple of lists waiting for Timberwolves wing Anthony Edwards, onto either of which he could have scribbled his name

Nine times previously in its first 32 seasons, Minnesota made it to the playoffs. Eight times, it was not only ousted in the first round, it lost each playoff opener.

Morant sputtered at various points, bothered by the Wolves defense and a lack of flow with his teammates

Jackson, the Grizzlies’ aggressive, fourth-year big man, led the NBA with 2.3 blocks per game

Heckuva lot of good that does him or the Grizzlies if Jackson is picking up needless fouls on offense.

Both coaches used their challenges, both used them earlier than you’d expect – especially in a playoff game – and both were unsuccesful

Towns scored 29 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, shot 11-for-18, blocked two shots and was on the floor for 43 minutes