Sienna Miller is an American-English actress. Born in New York City and  she began 
her career as a photography model

In A new Netflix series, Sienna Miller plays a woman whose husband’s affair gets played out in the British press. She was drawn to the echoes of her own life.

Two years ago, Sienna Miller received the scripts for “Anatomy of a Scandal,” a high-gloss limited series from David E.

She had been offered the role of Sophie, the silken wife of James (Rupert Friend), a parliamentary minister.

In the first episode, Sophie learns that James has had an affair with a co-worker; The Daily Mail will splash the story in the morning.

She is drawn into a public scandal when a story breaks that her husband James (Friend), had an affair with Olivia (Naomi Scott), a young political researcher in his department

Her relationship with James is certainly strained, to say the least, but they try to put on happy faces in front of their children and she sits in the courtroom

Sienna Miller wasn’t the only person who had some reservations about Anatomy of a Scandal. Rupert Friend also wasn’t entirely on board when it first came up.

Naomi Scott’s courtroom scene, being poked and prodded with invasive questions around whether or not Olivia gave consent, they Asked about the emotional trajectory of the character.

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