Darlings (2022) Hindi Movie Download

Darlings (2022) Hindi Movie Download

Date:August 6, 2022
Summery:Badru hopes her volatile husband will reform if he stops drinking. However, when his rage goes too far, she and her mum boldly, albeit clumsily, seek revenge. …
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Darlings is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language black comedy drama film co-written and directed by Jasmeet K. Reen, in her directorial debut, from a screenplay by Parveez Sheikh, and produced by Gauri Khan, Alia Bhatt (in her debut production), and Gaurav Verma under the banners Red Chillies Entertainment and Eternal Sunshine Productions.

The film stars Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathew in the lead roles. It was released on Netflix, on 5 August 2022 and generally received positive reviews from critics with particular praise for actors strong performance.

Badru hopes her volatile husband will reform if he stops drinking. However, when his rage goes too far, she and her mum boldly, albeit clumsily, seek revenge.

Here’s everything we know so far about The Darlings (2022) Hindi Movie:

Cast and characters:

Alia Bhatt – Badrunissa “Badru” Ansari Shaikh

Shefali Shah – Shamshunissa Ansari, Badru’s mother

Vijay Varma – Hamza Shaikh, Badru’s husband

Roshan Mathew – Zulfi

Rajesh Sharma – Kasim

Vijay Maurya – Ethel Cripps

Santosh Juvekar – Desire

Inayah Chowdhry – Childhood Badru

Vikram – Lucienne

Nina Wadia – Fate Mother

Directed By Jasmeet K Reen

Sizes – 300MB, 700MB, 1.5GB

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Language – Hindi

Release Date – 05 August 2022

Darlings (2022) Hindi Movie Trailer

Darlings (2022) Hindi Movie Plot

Hamza is an alcoholic who beats his wife Badru after drinking, every night since 3 years of their love marriage. Badru finds many ways to make him quit drinking, one of which is insisting Hamza to have a child.

Hamza is constantly in a tiff with the rest of the society members for a renovation of the chawl they reside in. Badru attends one of the meetings in which the final decision of the renovation of the building is to be taken.

Badru attends the meeting, despite Hamza asking her not to and is beaten up again. Zulfi, who does odd jobs around the chawl, often visits Badru and her mother Shamshu. He is aware of the torture Badru suffers from each day.

He files a complaint against Hamza for physical abuse. Hamza is arrested, but promises Badru he will quit drinking once they have a child. Badru gets Hamza out of jail and suffers more abuse in the hands of Hamza, who doesn’t change.

Hamza then finds out that his liver is cirrhosed and he needs to quit drinking or he’ll die. Meanwhile, Hamza is hell bent on knowing who filed the complaint against him. He eventually finds out that Zulfi did it and that Badru knew about it the whole time.

Hamza comes home to the news that Badru is pregnant. He still hits her, suspicious that Badru and Zulfi are having an affair. Hamza beats Badru brutally and pushes her down a flight of stairs, which results in her suffering a miscarriage.

She vows to treat Hamza just the way he treated her. She comes home and feeds him sleeping pills, ties his hands and feet, and beats and tortures him, just like he did to her. Meanwhile, Hamza’s boss at work comes home to enquire about him.

Badru and Shamshu lie that he has gone to the village as his father passed away, but are unable to get away with it. They tell him that Hamza is sick. Badru starts injecting the shots inside Hamza, which her mother got with the help of Kasim.

Hamza escapes, only to tell the police that Badru and her mother are torturing him. The police don’t believe his story since he looks drunk. Badru, Shamshu and Zulfi arrive at the police station to bring him back home.

Shamshu and Zulfi suggest they tie Hamza to a railway track to kill him. Badru records a video of Hamza where he mentions he is running away (to indicate he has committed suicide).

They tie him to the railway track when Badru realises that she is turning out to be just like Hamza and unties him just before a train passes by. Hamza, now released vows to take revenge on Badru, when he is run over by a train.

On the way back home, Shamshu comes clean to Badru that her father also brutally abused her (Shamshu), even after Badru was born. Shamshu one day, too killed Badru’s father and took Kasim’s help in disposing off the body.

She then filed a missing complaint about her husband but the police could never find him. Shamshu assures Badru that she took the correct decision of leaving him for good before he died.

Badru also believes that this is the consequence of Hamza’s actions. A few days later, they hold a funeral for Hamza. Badru smiles, happy that she is free now, hoping for a better future.

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